Each One Disciple One

A Complete Strategy for Effective Discipleship

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About This Product When individuals become Christians something magnificent happens in their lives. They believe in the sacrifice Christ made to save them from their sins; they're ready to begin a brand new life, hand-in-hand with Christ. This new chapter is filled with excitement and possibility, but it also includes steep obstacles and difficult challenges. Many things will be different. Attitudes, behaviors, and even some relationships will change.

As new believers embark on the journey of faith, they need instruction, encouragement, and guidance to help them as they encounter the changes and unexpected events that will stretch their faith.

Each One Disciple One is a complete resource designed to introduce new Christians to the essentials of the Christian life. By starting with a foundation built on solid biblical truth, it explores the fundamentals of our faith and shows how to rely on the power and strength of the Holy Spirit to sustain and enrich our daily journeys. A useful tool for small groups, Sunday School classes, and new believer's groups, it includes reproducible worksheets and templates for individuals or leaders to use as needed. 192 pages.  
Sample: Each One Disciple One