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A Seat at the Table
A Generation Reimagining Its Place in the Church
By: Shawna Songer Gaines, Timothy R. Gaines
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Book 9780834128354
Price: $14.99   
A World Unbroken
Creative Media Experience
This comprehensive DVD has seven animated short films that visually depict the story of God through the Bible. Also included on this DVD is a seven week . . .See More On This Item
Digital Resource (DVD/CD-ROM) 9780834150553
Price: $59.99   
A World Unbroken
Group Experience
Guide your students into living out the story of God on their campuses, in their communities, and around the world. See More On This Item
Resource Kit 9780834150560
Price: $74.99   
A World Unbroken Creative Devotional Experience
Hope and Healing for a Shattered World
A World Unbroken is about actively engaging the story of God on your campus, in your community, and in this world. This experience is designed to . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834150492
Price: $10.99   
8 Lessons on the Theological Foundations of Faith
For teens whose faith seems a little blurry, Clear will help put it into focus. The interactive exercises in this book will help students develop . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780310617884
Price: $9.99   
Economy of Love
Creating a Community of Enough
Economy of Love will challenge individuals to join in community, journeying together as they begin to consider a new standard of living-a personal . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834125445
Price: $12.99   
Economy of Love, DVD + Book
Creating a Community of Enough
America thrives on a simple message-that what we currently have is not enough. Not big enough, not nice enough, not fast or hip enough. See More On This Item
DVD and Book Combo Pack 9780834125575
Price: $39.99   
Simply Share Jesus
This simple evangelism tool is easy to use with children, teens, or adults when sharing the plan of salvation. See More On This Item
Price: $9.00   
Family Camp
An Interactive Dinner Theatre for Outreach
Contributor: Dave Avanzino, Craig Wilson
Cast: It is recommended that you have 2 types of casts in this production: Cast A and Cast B. Cast A are the main actors and is compiled of 6 men and 5 women. Cast B is the "kitchen crew" and features four different camp groups, compiled of high school or college age actors.
Performance Time: 2 to 2 1/2 hours
From the authors of the hit series Uncle Phil's Diner, comes Family Camp, a new interactive dinner theatre that brings on lots of laughs . . .See More On This Item
Drama Book 9780834177574
Price: $10.99   
Missional Essentials
A Guide for Experiencing God's Mission in Your Life
By: Lance Ford, Brad Brisco
Missional Essentials is written to help followers of Christ rediscover the heart of God for their neighborhoods and communities. See More On This Item
Book 9780834151123
Price: $12.99   
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