Answers for Chicken Little

A No-Nonsense Look at the Book of Revelation

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About This Product Many voices speaking today about the end times sound a lot like Chicken Little: they prophesy doom and destruction, the Antichrist and Armageddon. All this apocalyptic speculation creates an atmosphere of sensationalism and dread--but the Revelation of Jesus to John was meant to bring hope.

Too many Christians have become hesitant to study this book of the Bible because of the confusion that surrounds it. But as an experienced pastor, Dan Boone affirms that any child of God can read and understand the truth of Revelation. His friendly, conversational style brings the message of Revelation into the idiom of life in our contemporary world.

This book will help readers understand:
  • The context of the Revelation and what it meant to the churches of that day
  • The characteristics of apocalyptic and prophetic literature and how they are meant to be read
  • The application that this important book of the Bible holds for our lives today
Answers for Chicken Little gives a responsible interpretation of Revelation that replaces predictions of doom with a compelling vision of who Jesus is and of His message about living as a redeemed people with hope for the future.

 144 pages.  
Sample Chapter: Answers for Chicken Little