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About This Product "It's just not working. Our lives are full, but our marriage is empty."

Statements like this are becoming increasingly common among Christian couples today. Studies have shown that the rate of divorce is the same for both Christians and non-Christians, proving that often the Christian life makes little or no difference in martial satisfaction and longevity. Many Christian couples share a love for God but spend little time growing the love He has given them for each other.

Making a Marriage addresses the issues faced by new as well as mature couples from a biblical point of view and offers the foundational principles that help build a strong and lasting relationship. Written by educators and licensed counselors, this valuable resource educates couples on the essentials of marriage so they can honor their lifelong vows, improve their relationships with their spouses, and counter our culture's destructive influences. Whether you're contemplating marriage, struggling with communication, stress, and intimacy issues, or just desiring to make a good marriage better, Making a Marriage will maximize your marital satisfaction and lay a strong foundation for the lifelong task of building a loving and lasting marriage. 144 pages.  
Sample Chapter: Making a Marriage