Seven Deadly Sins

The Uncomfortable Truth

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About This Product Sin.

It's ugly. It's deceptive.

It meddles with contentment, confuses wisdom, and disfigures love.
It's the one thing that keeps us from really knowing God.

But talking about sin makes us uncomfortable.

It's a loaded word. What is sin to one person is not necessarily sin to another; we don't want to sound harsh or judgmental, so we avoid using it.

And we avoid exposing it.

We clean up after its messes, confess our human weakness when it gets us in trouble, and learn to just live with it.

But are we really living? How marginal do we make life when we entangle it with something so deadly?

This book is not a history lesson on sin or a guilt-based study on the evils of our society. It is a relevant, thought-provoking look at the seven imperfections that sin uses to tarnish and infect our lives.

Written with compassion and understanding, this perceptive and challenging book will reshape your awareness of sin and remind you of a sin-free Savior who gives us the grace to become like Him. 128 pages.  
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