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No Limits Discipleship

No Limits Discipleship Journal

By: Michael Ross, Mickey Cox
Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
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About This Product No Limits Discipleship is Barefoot's® leading small-group series being used everywhere. Find out what it's all about. If you and your closest friends are ready to plunge deep into the knowledge of God and your Christian faith, launch a No Limits Discipleship small-group of your own and join the revolution. Snap up the following resources and get started today. The adventure begins with the No Limits Discipleship Journal. This metal loose-leaf binder teaches the core concepts and sets the ground rules of what it means to be a disciple. It establishes a system for accountability, Bible study, Scripture memory, and so forth. It then delves into a 45-day devotional that takes you and your group into a greater understanding of each concept. Topics: Devotional or Devotionals, Disciples, Disciple, Discipleship  
No Limits Calendar
Communication Work Sheet
Title Page: No Limits Discipleship Journal
Community Work Sheet
Compassion Work Sheet
Sample Chapter: No Limits Discipleship Journal
Contemplation Work Sheet
Prayer Journal Blank Page