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About This Product Many Christians shrink from the last book of the Bible because of all the gloom and doom surrounding it. Beasts, blood, and pestilence color its pages, but what does it all mean? Is this the end of the world, or is it a new beginning? In Answers for Chicken Little, Dan Boone clears away the speculative clutter and clarifies the message of Revelation in a plain and friendly way that anyone can understand.

This intriguing Bible study and these engaging video lessons offer a responsible interpretation of Revelation that replace cataclysmic predictions with-a vision of Jesus and the abundant hope-filled life He wants for all His people.

This resource includes a copy of the book, Answers for Chicken Little: A No-Nonsense Look at the Book of Revelation, and a DVD containing six, 10 minute video lessons that correspond to the book's various chapters. This combo package, part of the In Sight Media Series, is a great resource for adult Sunday School classes, small-group discussions, and sermon enhancement.  
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