To Err Is Human, to Forgive...

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About This Product ACT I - After a long day of work, HUSBAND, a blue-collar laborer, comes home to a large stack of bills and a letter from his brother who has had a history of hard luck and mooching. His WIFE, on the way out for her jog, gently urges him to open it. Torn between his love for his brother and his anger over the trouble his brother has caused their mother, his WIFE, and himself, he tosses the unopened letter in the trash and heads out the door for some air.ACT II - Much later that night, the HUSBAND comes home. He has been out driving for six hours, thinking and praying. As he rummages through the trash to retrieve his brother's letter, his pajama-clad WIFE enters and tells him she has set it on the table. The late hour and the time he has spent in deep reflection allow the HUSBAND to share with his WIFE his tender feelings about his brother, particularly a story of his brother's humble heroism when rescuing him from a house fire twenty years earlier. His WIFE kisses him and exits, leaving him alone in the midnight kitchen with his thoughts. He asks God for help as he prepares to open his heart, and his brother's letter. Set Requirements: A kitchen, two entrance/exits Cast: 1 male, 1 female Performance Time: 6 minutes Suggested Use: Worship services, retreats, discussion groups, Sunday School classrooms Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty