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About This Product GENE CASHMAN, JR., an acerbic, middle-aged man, arrives at a rural New England hospital straight from the airport. He is frantically searching for the operating room where his 87-year-old father has been rushed for emergency heart surgery. Gene, Sr., a retired sports columnists, was out fishing with his best friend, CHRIS, when he collapsed. CHRIS is middle-aged and like a son to the old man, whereas GENE, JR. and his dad rarely talk or visit. The two younger men meet for the first time in the hospital room where they hotly debate the nature of their relationships with Gene, Sr. and the different perceptions they have of him as a father. In the end, it is clear that they are both related to the old man, and that the ultimate sign of kinship is love. Set Requirements: Waiting room on the basement level of the Lake Massapequa Medical Center, two entrances/exits Cast: 2 male, 1 person Performance Time: 7 minutes Suggested Use: Worship services, retreats, discussion groups, Sunday School class Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty