God with Me

Produced by: Lillenas Drama
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About This Product Three different characters reveal how they know when God is with them. In Act I, a man in love with the game of dice feels God's presence when he's got the dice rolling in his hands and the numbers come up for him like magic. In Act II, a seemingly sweet woman laments the absence of God in her life. Finally, when her archrival falls from a hot-air balloon on her wedding day and is eaten by sharks, she praises the Lord for this tragedy. In Act III, a woman of mature faith likens God's presence to a songbird that sits outside her window. She sits quietly and welcomes the bird with an offering of special seed. There is a quiet, reciprocal trust between them. She knows God is always there when she least expects Him and in her times of greatest need. Set Requirements: Flexible (settings should be suggested, not literally rendered), two entrancesACT I - Outside of a gambling parlorACT II - A porchACT III - A kitchen or sitting room Cast: 1 female - versatile actress to play three characters Performance Time: 4 minutes Suggested Use: Worship services, retreats, discussion groups, Sunday School classes Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty