A Faith Of Their Own

An Experience Guide for Parents and Preteens

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About This Product The preteen years are a time of change, curiosity, and skepticism-which leaves many parents wondering how they can inform their preteen's spiritual development.

With A Faith of Their Own: An Experience Guide for Parents and Preteens, authors Chris Folsmbee and Tony Myles offer practical ways for parents and preteens to grow and experience God in everyday life.

This book includes fifty-two weeks' worth of interactions, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy this important spiritual journey-together. Spend these weeks looking more closely at the things you see and experience every day in order to see and experience more deeply the One who is in plain sight.

Each experience will include these five sections:
  • Prayer: Open Up to God Together
  • Scripture: Dive into God's Story Together
  • Experience: Do Something Practical Together
  • Debrief: Process What You Experienced Together
  • Journal: Write Out Your Takeaway Together
 224 pages.  
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