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Suit Up

Putting on the Full Armor of God, Facilitator's Guide

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Facilitator's Guide
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About This Product The armor of God is a fantastic metaphor for the action we must to take in our spiritual lives. According to Paul, we are fighting a war against the unseen enemy of our soul. Who is this enemy? Not a person of flesh and blood-we fight against Satan who is out to destroy, especially those who call themselves followers of God. This book will unpack the armor of God as described in Ephesians 6:10-18. This study will enable people to gain a deeper understanding of each piece of the armor and how to incorporate it into their lives.

  • Session 1: Be Prepared
  • Session 2: The Real Enemy
  • Session 3: The Utility Belt of Truth
  • Session 4: The 'Lorica' of Right Living
  • Session 5: Walking on the Road to Peace
  • Session 6: Delivered by the Helmet and Sword
  • Session 7: Prayer on Active Duty

The DIALOG SERIES offers Bible-based, life-related studies for small groups, Sunday School classes, or personal discoveries. Each 7-week study is written by qualified and thought provoking Christian thinkers to promote community and growth in Christ. 48 pages.  
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