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Holy Living

What It Means to Be like Christ, Facilitator's Guide

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Facilitator's Guide
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About This Product God has commanded us in His Word that we are to be "holy as He is holy" (1 Peter 1:16). However, is this really possible? What does it mean to live a holy life? Is holiness only reasonable for those who have it all together or never make a mistake?

Holy Living: What It Means to Be Like Christ examines what it truly means to live a Christlike life. Each chapter will help you discover that holiness is more about surrender than being perfect—it's about obedience rather than religious performance.
  • Session 1: What is Holiness?
  • Session 2: Misconceptions
  • Session 3: Growth in Grace
  • Session 3: Growth in Grace
  • Session 4: Servanthood/Generosity
  • Session 5: Temptation/Sin/Confession
  • Session 6: Living a Life of Integrity
  • Session 7: Holy Companions

The DIALOG SERIES offers topical and biblical small group studies that generate meaningful conversation. Each 7-week study explores a subject significant to the Church and to the story of God. Dialog creates community. So let's talk. 48 pages.  
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