A Charitable Discourse, Volume 2, Small Group

Uncomfortable Conversations

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About This Product If the work of ministry is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, then this book is certainly aimed at the latter.

In A Charitable Discourse, Dan Boone turned heads and got the church talking about the issues that divide us. Now he's back with A Charitable Discourse, Volume Two: Uncomfortable Conversations. Together with some of today's most thoughtful leaders, Boone confidently broaches some of the topics that make us squirm in our pews. The church's only hope for healing, remaining healthy, and moving forward is through discourse that is charitable, even in disagreement—so let's join the conversation.

Session 1: Odd Like God (Dan Boone) (approx. 9 min)
Session 2: The Power of Cyber Word (Timothy Green) (approx. 11 min)
Session 3: Christian Discipleship in a Technological Age (Timothy Gaines) (approx. 5 min)
Session 4: War! A Conflict of Kingdoms (Michael R. Palmer) (approx. 4 min)
Session 5: Do Christians Have to Go to Church? (Shawna Songer Gaines) (approx. 7 min)
Session 6: Christians in the Public Arena (Dan Boone) (approx. 9 min)

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