A Youth Worker's Guide to Creating a Culture of Mentoring

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Mentoring is at the core of any strong ministry. If you want to make an impact on a school, a community, or a nation, it starts with investment in one student by a caring volunteer who believes in the potential of that one.

Mike Harder, a 25-year youth ministry veteran, has invested his life in imparting to others what he has learned about following Jesus and living according to his mission. The pages of this book flow from his experiences. Getting young people in the doors may be a great feat, but being part of God.s work transforming their lives is a greater one. If we are going to impact young people today in our churches, we need to be willing to go beyond surface relationships and invest in their lives. It will be hard and time consuming, but the impact will reach beyond what we could imagine.
 Topics: College Students, Culture or Cultures, Mentor or Mentors, Mentoring, Relationships, Relationship, Youth Ministry