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It's Your Call: Deal with It

Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
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About This Product It's Your Call: Deal with It is an intentional effort to help your students understand that God calls all Christians to missions, whether overseas or next door, and therefore, missions needs to envelop our attitudes toward those around us.

Lesson 1: Call Waiting: It's for You--Our mission isn't restricted to faraway countries. We can make a difference for the Kingdom in the places we live.

Lesson 2: Caller I.D.: Exploring the Call--Students will recognize their spiritual gifts and understand how they can use these gifts to reach their world for Christ.

Lesson 3: Voice Mail: Hearing God's Voice--Students will learn that prayer is about listening to God.

Lesson 4: Call Forwarding: Preparing to Go--Students will learn that a call to serve is a call to prepare by obeying God now.

Topical Lesson 1: Guess Who's Coming to Lunch?!--Students will learn that accepting others is the first step in leading them to the Lord.

Topical Lesson 2: 24-7 Lifestyle--Students will learn about living fully and completely for the glory of God as "salt" and "light."

Topical Lesson 3: Prayer Happens!--Students will learn that an active prayer life is invaluable in their relationship to God.

Topical Lesson 4: Acts 29--Students will learn that the Christian life is a life or worshiping God in all they do.

Topical Lesson 5: How to Be a Sheep--Students will learn that they as Christians are required to love other people, especially those who are less fortunate than themselves.

Topical Lesson 6: Missions Possible--Students will explore opportunities to serve in ministry both locally and globally.

Topical Lesson 7: Keys to Successful Service--Students will learn about growing world areas and mission projects.

Topical Lesson 8: Take Last Place on Purpose--Students will learn that living like Jesus means living with humility and putting others' needs above ourselves.