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Session 1: Being Different-- This lesson explores what it means to be a Christian in a world that is often cruel to those who are different. From physical and social differences to spiritual differences, teasing, bullying, and hatred occur at the hands of those who are unwilling to accept and love others.

Running the Race-- Life is a race and the journey of faith is no different. While we'd like to think that life is a short sprint, it is really a long race. It takes endurance and dedication to keep up your strength. Some days are great, some are just so-so, and other days are just plain tough. Still, we have to figure out how to keep on running.

Session 3: Standing in the Gap-- God is looking for those who are willing to break the cycle of sin in the world. God is looking for those who will live out His laws, His love, and His mercy in the world. We do this by living in a Christ-like way and seeking and proclaiming repentance and God's mercy to a lost world.

Session 4: Words Matter-- This lesson will explore the power of the spoken word. Students will begin this lesson by reading a story about the impact of words and the power they have. Students will be challenged to think about words they have spoken or words that they have heard that have impacted them. Topics: Acceptance, Dedication, Difference or Differences, Endurance, Pressing on, Faith, Forgiveness, God's Wrath, Love, Persecution, Redemption, Sin, Sins, Understanding, strength, words  

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