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Honest Worship

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Session 1: Living Sacrifice-- The topic of worship often stirs images of church services and singing, but we sometimes forget that worship is what happens within our lives every day. God has gifted each person with unique talents, gifts and personalities. These are things that we can use to worship God. How we live our lives each day shows how we can be living sacrifices for God. (Romans 12:1-8)

Session 2: Heart of Worship-- From the very beginning of creation, we see God's call to relationship with us through worship, praise, confession, and sacrifice. These are in response to God's love for us and everything that God has done for us. This lesson explores several important aspects of worship. (Deuteronomy 26: 1-11)

Session 3: Worship Anywhere-- Sometimes it seems as if worship can only take place under certain circumstances. We feel more at ease worshipping in a church service or special youth event than we might at home or at school. The challenge we face is to look beyond the setting or the circumstances of worship to understand that worship is in our attitudes and actions wherever we are, under any given circumstances. (Daniel 6:1-23)

Session 4: Coming Clean-- Even more difficult than being honest about things is to ask for forgiveness, and to follow up on that by showing how much you are sorry through your actions. This lesson explores what it means to be truly honest, open, and up front with God about our lives. (Psalm 51) Topics: Action, Actions, Attitude or Attitudes, Church, Confession, Honesty, Praise, Relationships, Relationship, Sacrifice, Talents, Worship, gifts & gift