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Session 1: Invisible Children--Jesus wasn't in the business of ranking commandments. People wanted Him to, but He was to smart for that. In this passage Jesus chooses two that go hand in hand. Basically, one cannot be accomplished without the other. If you love God with all your heart then it will be in your very nature to love your neighbor as yourself.

It's All About Me--As human beings, we fall into the "It's All About Me" trap very easily. This is especially true in the teenage years, when students are absorbed in that all-important question, "Who am I?" What they need to learn is that who they are is partially determined by their actions.

Session 3: Judging Others-- When we judge someone, we are forming an opinion about him or her based on our own standards or expectations. These standards or expectations may be based in reality or our perception of reality. Jesus warns us about the dangers of judging others. He tells us that when we judge others, we are subject to judgment ourselves.

Session 4: Passion Acts--What does it truly mean to have God with us? Sure, it means spending time in the presence of the Holy Spirit and in prayer and meditation, but could it also be a call to action? The world is broke. Right outside our doors there are people crying out for help. Crying out to be fixed. Being passionate about the cause of the Father and embracing His purpose means not ignoring this. It means embracing it. Topics: Action, Actions, Compassion, Judging, Love, Neighbors, Selfishness