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Run time 9 min 36 sec

Hye Won Hye videos

To equip youth pastors to do the following:
  1. To use creative video to display and discuss the hard issues (fires) in the spiritual lives of teenagers
  2. To use creative video to empower and inspire teenagers to not only survive the hardships (fires) in their lives, but to turn them into glory (i.e. true endurance).
  3. To use creative imagery to GET TEEN'S ATTENTION.
  4. To speak the language of the youth: media.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the videos?
A: 8-12 minute video lessons dealing with topics such as grace, temptation, submission, self-image, sin, redemption, etc.

Q: How are they used?
A: These videos can be used in a multitude of ways. They are great for Wednesday night services, and come equipped with study questions for breaking up into small groups after viewing. They also can be used as Sunday School or Sunday night service lessons in the same fashion. They also serve great as an opener to any lesson or lesson series dealing with the discussed topic in that specific Hye Won Hye video.

Q: What does Hye Won Hye mean?
A: Hye Won Hye is a West African Adinkrin symbol standing for imperishability and endurance. Its meaning comes from traditional priests who would walk on fire as an example to others to overcome and endure difficulties. The Adinkra symbols derive from Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Thier use was mostly for the decorative garments of royalty and spiritual leaders. These days the symbols mostly appear within the decorative arts of quilting, painting, embroidery, or tattooing.

Q: What makes Hye Won Hye different?
A: The creative imagery we use to engage and entertain the viewer. Also, the use of story to link Bible principles to the tough issues of life. Topics: David, Grace, Hye Won Hye, Redemption, Sin, Sins, Videos or Video Resources  
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