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Collide: Life and Service, Crashbook

A Curriculum for Preteens

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About This Product Preteens live in a world that may seem chaotic and confusing. As they make the transition from childhood to adolescence, where will your students find help to successfully navigate their faith journey? Collide: Where Faith Meets Life is a curriculum that meets your preteens where they are emotionally, spiritually, and developmentally.

Life and Service is a 12-week study that explores how to draw closer to God and serve Him.

The Crashbook is filled with activities that will let students get their hands dirty (not literally!).

Preteens are beginning to experience changes cognitively, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Crashbook is created to meet those changing needs.

Forget fill-in-the-blank activities. Since preteens are on the move, the Crashbook activities are designed to get them out of their seats.

It will encourage preteens to think critically and formulate their own ideas and responses instead of facilitating the Sunday school answer.

Every preteen has a desire to belong. Social activities encourage preteens to interact with each other and grow together.

The Crashbook is an essential companion for students that utilizes hands-on activities to help all types of learners remember what they've studied.  
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