Youth Workers as Spiritual Guide

Spiritual Theology as Living Knowledge

Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
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About This Product Erik helps us examine Friedrich Schweitzer’s work on the social dynamics of pluralization, indi-vidualization, and privatization and how these impact religious ideals of the young people we minister to. Erik gives us insight into how we might navigate through the current cultural landscape in guiding youth into meaningful and sustaining Christian formation.

Erik makes the case for leading students deeply into the story of God and why and how they must see their own personal stories intersect with God’s overarching story. Erik believes youth workers should not underestimate young people’s ability to think deeply and sophisticatedly about theology, meaning, and life.

Reverbs are short, downloadable books for youth workers that can be re-produced as many times as needed. With both a grey scale and a color copy included with each download purchase they look great on any printer! Topics: Christian formation, Discipleship, Spiritual Formation, Youth Pastor Resources