Ralph Earle
Ralph Earle served as professor emeritus of New Testament at Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri, where he first began teaching in 1945. He served on the Committee on Bible Translation, which is the governing body for the New International Version of the Bible. Earle earned degrees from Eastern Nazarene College, Boston University, and Gordon Divinity School. He also took post-doctoral courses at Harvard and Edinburgh Universities.
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1. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 10: Hebrews through Revelation By: Ralph Earle, Richard S. Taylor, A. F. Harper, Roy S. Nicholson, Edson R. Fuhrman, Harvey J. S. Blaney, Delbert R. Rose Book 9780834103092 Price: $35.99
2. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 6: Matthew through Luke By: Ralph Earle, A. Elwood Sanner, Charles L. Childers Book 9780834103054 Price: $35.99
3. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 7: John through Acts By: Ralph Earle, Joseph H. Mayfield Book 9780834103061 Price: $35.99
4. Como nos llego la Biblia Por: Ralph Earle Libro 9781563440571 Price: $6.98
5. Conozca los Profetas Menores Por: Ralph Earle Libro 9781563440700 Price: $7.98
6. Conozca Su Nuevo Testamento Por: Ralph Earle Libro 9781563440724 Price: $7.99
7. En Busca del Espiritu Por: Ralph Earle Libro 9781563441073 Price: $5.99
8. Explorando el Nuevo Testamento Por: Ralph Earle Libro 9781563441189 Price: $18.99
9. How We Got Our Bible: Third Edition By: Ralph Earle Book 9780834124950 Price: $12.99
10. How We Got Our Bible: Youth Edition By: Ralph Earle, Mike Wonch Book 9780834151246 Price: $10.99
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