H. Ray Dunning
H. RAY DUNNING is professor emeritus of theology at Trevecca Nazarene University. He holds an MA and a PhD from Vanderbilt University and has served as a pastor, lecturer, and speaker in numerous churches around the United States. Dr. Dunning has authored and edited numerous books on Christian faith and practice, including Grace, Faith, and Holiness; The Second Coming; and Biblical Resources for Holiness Preaching (2 volumes).
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1. Abraham: The Tests of Faith By: H. Ray Dunning Book 9780834128804 Price: $11.99
2. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 5: Hosea through Malachi By: William M. Greathouse, H. Ray Dunning, Oscar F. Reed, Armor D. Peisker Book 9780834103047 Price: $35.99
3. Biblical Resources For Holiness Preaching, Vol. 2: From Text to Sermon Edited by: H. Ray Dunning Book 9780834114654 Price: $39.99
4. An Introduction to Wesleyan Theology By: William M. Greathouse, H. Ray Dunning Book 9780834119994 Price: $12.99
5. A Layman's Guide to Sanctification By: H. Ray Dunning Book 9780834120945 Price: $9.99
6. A Layman's Guide to the Apostles' Creed By: H. Ray Dunning Book 9780834115521 Price: $8.99
7. Reading the Bible in Wesleyan Ways: Some Constructive Proposals By: H. Ray Dunning, Barry Callen, Richard P. Thompson Book 9780834120488 Price: $29.99
8. The Second Coming: A Wesleyan Approach to the Doctrine of Last Things By: H. Ray Dunning Book 9780834120570 Price: $26.99
9. These Things I Believe: The Writings of William M. Greathouse By: William Greathouse; Edited by: H. Ray Dunning, William J. Strickland Downloadable E Book 9780834136274