David And Lisa Frisbie
DAVID AND LISA FRISBIE are authors of more than 20 published books on topics of marriage and family life. They have been frequent contributors to published journals, including ParentLife, Outreach Magazine, Holiness Today, and BabyLife. They have also been named and quoted in USA Today, The New York Times and been interviewed on CBS-radio, ABC-TV national broadcast, and "MoneyLife" with Chuck Bentley. They currently serve as Coordinators of Marriage and Family Ministries for the Global Church of the Nazarene.
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1. Dating After Divorce: Preparing for a New Relationship By: David And Lisa Frisbie Book 9780834128828 Price: $14.99
2. Making a Marriage: 7 Essentials for a Strong Relationship By: Jim Pettitt, Roger Hahn, Larry Morris, David And Lisa Frisbie, Donald Harvey, Jan M Harvey, Roy Rotz, Victor M Parachin, Jeanette Downs Pettitt Book 9780834123014 Price: $12.99
3. Managing Stress in Ministry By: David And Lisa Frisbie Book 9780834132207 Price: $14.99
4. Right from the Start: A Premarital Guide for Couples By: David And Lisa Frisbie Book 9780834126046 Price: $14.99
5. Right from the Start: A Pastor's Guide to Premarital Counseling By: David And Lisa Frisbie Book 9780834126039 Price: $18.99
6. When Bad Churches Happen to Good Pastors: Why Pastors Leave and What You Can Do About It By: David And Lisa Frisbie Book 9780834133600 Price: $14.99