The Tests of Faith

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About This Product There are no instant saints.

That's true for everyone.
When he said yes to God's call, he set out on a lifelong path of growth and transformation. Abraham explores the events and circumstances that shaped Abraham's walk with God. It highlights the tests of faith that matured him into becoming God's partner in redeeming humanity. From the challenge to turn his back on his past and embrace an unfamiliar future to the astonishing request that he sacrifice his own son, Abraham became a model of enduring and deepening faith. Through his example, we learn
  • How our responses in life contribute to our spiritual growth
  • What it means to partner with God in his redemptive plan
  • What it is like be called a friend of God

Rich in devotional and theological insight, this book by H. Ray Dunning is an outstanding retelling of Abraham's story. It invites us to enter Abraham's world and learn from him the way to spiritual maturity. And most importantly it reminds us that through our faith in Christ we are all children of Abraham.

Dr. Dunning has written a very readable and insightful book, both for the pastor and the layperson, which helps us to understand what it means to be "growing in grace." He uses examples from Abraham's life, showing how God's testing of our lives develops our character and moves us toward becoming like Christ. I heartily recommend this book for personal enrichment, small group study and as a resource for preaching.
-Dr. C Jeanne Serrão, Dean of the School of Religion and Philosophy, Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Here is a biblically centered, theologically sound, and practical book, which in this case take a careful, new look at Abraham's journey of faith. I comment this book to all who are looking for a firmly Wesleyan study that will challenge the commitment of believers everywhere.
-Kevin M. Ulmet, Senior Pastor, Nashville First Church of the Nazarne

 128 pages.