Dating After Divorce

Preparing for a New Relationship

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About This Product Starting's not as easy as it sounds, is it? But, you've made it through the pain of divorce, and you are eager for a new beginning. God stands ready to help-He is the God of possibilities. As you look toward the future, you may begin to ask questions about what a new life might look like. Will I ever remarry, you wonder. Do I want to remarry?

There are other questions: How much time should pass after a marriage ends before it's wise to explore a new friendship or romance? Am I ready-emotionally, spiritually, financially? Is my family prepared? Do I need to be completely put-back-together before I can think about dating again or being remarried?

Dave and Lisa Frisbie have spent 20 years studying the post-divorce family, and have been dubbed "America's Remarriage Experts." In Dating After Divorce, they share stories of adults who chose to remain single after divorce and explore why that choice might make sense for you. They also share stories of people who chose to begin dating and eventually to remarry. Dating after Divorce will help you gauge your readiness and evaluate your options, as you move forward to discover a new life and embrace all God has in store.


"Everyone who reads this new book will understand very quickly that they are not alone, and will receive help from the practical steps outlined along with Godly inspiration. I highly recommend their books and also would encourage you to invite them to come and speak at your church."
-Gary Van Derford, Pastor, North Coast Church, Vista, California

"The increasing percentage of divorced adults requires critical intervention. Dr. David & Lisa Frisbie are bringing much-needed redemptive strategies into focus. In this excellent new book, they are helping to provide answers for today's questions."
-Dr. Paul G. Cunningham, General Superintendent Emeritus, Church of the Nazarene

 192 pages.  
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