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The Beatitudes

Living a Blessed Life, Facilitator's Guide

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Facilitator's Guide
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About This Product Do you look at the Beatitudes as a list of different kinds of Christians with different strengths?

Many people do. Yet in this scripture, Jesus actually paints a consistent portrait of citizens of the Kingdom who are:
  • utterly dependent on God
  • repentant
  • humble
  • driven by the desire for righteousness
  • merciful
  • pure in motives and intent
  • actively seeking peace and justice

Discover why those who live as described in the Beatitudes are likely to find themselves both at odds with, and misunderstood by cultures built on radically different assumptions. Learn why, though we are blessed to be members of a different kingdom, we will still face difficulties for the sake of righteousness.

The DIALOG SERIES offers Bible-based, life related studies for small groups, Sunday school classes, or personal discoveries. Each 7-week study is written by qualified and thought-provoking Christian thinkers to promote community and growth in Christ. 48 pages.  
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