How We Got Our Bible

Youth Edition (Group Kit)

Adapted by: Mike Wonch
By: Ralph Earle
Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
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DVD and Book Combo Pack
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About This Product Who decided what books should be in the Bible? Why are there so many translations - and does it matter? Since the Bible was written by ordinary people, how do we know it's all true?

How We Got Our Bible answers these questions - and more. With veracity and inspiration, this book and DVD take your youth group on the miraculous journey of the development of the Bible, including canonization, biblical transmission, archaeological discoveries, translation, and more.

How We Got Our Bible: Youth Edition Kit includes:
  • Book - How We Got Our Bible: Youth Edition
  • DVD with 6 short videos
  • Extensive Leader's Guide
  • Student Handouts
Session 1: How the Bible Began
Session 2: How the Bible was Preserved
Session 3: How the Bible was Transmitted
Session 4: How the Bible was Translated
Session 5: How the Bible Spread Throughout the World
Session 6: How the Bible is Communicated

 Topics: Bible or Bibles, Scripture or Scriptures, Small Group or Small Groups, Spiritual Growth  
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