Jim Hampton
Jim Hampton is the Assistant Professor of Youth Ministry at Asbury Seminary, in Wilmore, KY. Prior to his position, Jim served as the Executive Editor for Barefoot Ministries, the Sr. Youth Ministry Editor for Nazarene Youth International, and as a youth pastor in Kansas City. Jim holds a Masters of Divinity from Nazarene Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Kansas. Jim brings his wealth of experience and knowledge together in this, his third book for Christian youth.
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1. Dorm Room Devotions Edited by: Jim Hampton Book 9780834120235FREE study questions! Price: $12.99
2. Everyday Saint: Rejecting Sin, Choosing Love By: Jim Hampton Book 9780834150188Click here for Free downloadable Leader's Guide Price: $8.99
3. Exploring Other Beliefs By: Jim Hampton Downloadable Bible Study BF-11246 Price: $8.00
4. God's Story, Our Story By: Jim Hampton Downloadable Sermon BF-11237 Price: $8.00
5. Radical Truth from Ancient Prophets By: Jim Hampton Downloadable Bible Study BF-11272 Price: $8.00
6. Relationship with God By: Jim Hampton Downloadable Sermon BF-11297 Price: $8.00
7. Sacred Time: Living in the Presence of God By: Jim Hampton, Amy Brothers Book 9780834150317 Price: $9.99
8. Sermon on the Mount By: Jim Hampton Downloadable Bible Study BF-11176 Price: $8.00
9. Worship-Centered Teaching: Guiding Youth to Discover Their Identity in Christ Edited by: Rick Edwards, Jim Hampton Book 9780834119017 Price: $13.99