Bloom Books

Bloom Books are seriously simple books filled with everyday practices for a flourishing faith. These books are intended to help ignite movement into the spiritual disciplines for the first time or be a resource for those seeking answers about a particular practice.

Bloom Books guide students into practical ways to incorporate spiritual disciplines into their everyday lives. Each book focuses on a certain practice of the faith: prayer, fasting, journaling, solitude and study. The books are intricately designed and pocket size and will aid everyday Christians in growing their entire lives toward God.

Bloom Books can be used in many ways: retreats, small groups, individually, or as a large group.

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*When you purchase 50 or more you will receive a link to download a Leader’s Experiential Learning Guide that will help you navigate the conversation with your students in engaging, experiencing, processing and applying the discipline to their faith..

Size: 3.75. x 3.75., 24 Pages