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How We Got Our Bible
Youth Edition
By: Ralph Earle, Mike Wonch
How We Got Our Bible: Youth Edition examines how the Bible began, how it was preserved, transmitted, translated, spread, and communicated. By understanding . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834151246
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How We Got Our Bible
Youth Edition (Group Kit)
Adapted by: Mike Wonch; By: Ralph Earle
With veracity and inspiration, this book and DVD take your youth group on the miraculous journey of the development of the Bible, including canonization, . . .See More On This Item
DVD and Book Combo Pack 9780834151338
Price: $49.99   
31 Days to Finding Your Identity in Christ
By: Tony Myles
Did you know that 31 days is all you need to Transform and begin the process of finding your identity in Christ? With plenty of space to reflect . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834151161
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Undercurrent SeriesMore Selections
Being Real
Sharing Your Faith without Losing Your Friends
By: Mike Kipp, Kenny Wade
Share Christ with those around you through your actions and lifestyle. Read about both attempts and failures of living life the way Jesus did. Being . . .See More On This Item
Book 0834150204 Click here for Free downloadable Leader's Guide
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DevotionalsMore Selections
Exploring the Places Where God Is
By: Chris Folmsbee
God doesn t always move in an orderly, expected way, so why should your devotional experience be contained? Bounce was created to allow you to explore . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834150522
Price: $12.99   
DiscipleshipMore Selections
Prime (Group Kit)
Nazarene Beliefs for Teens
Prime: Nazarene Beliefs for Teens is a simple, straightforward curriculum that will help you navigate eight basic questions of faith with your teenagers. See More On This Item
DVD and Book Combo Pack 9780834151314 Includes 5 student books!
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Ancient FaithMore Selections
Beyond Self
The Imitation of Christ
By: Jason Rowinski
Beyond Self, an adaptation of The Imitation of Christ, will challenge readers to live a life that mirrors Christ. See More On This Item
Book 9780834150324
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Lectio Divina for YouthMore Selections
Lectio Divina for Youth
Lectio divina is Latin for divine reading. The Lectio Divina for Youth books are Bible studies that call students to slow down, read Scripture, . . .See More On This Item
Book 083-415-0220
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Spiritual FormationMore Selections
8 Lessons on the Theological Foundations of Faith
For teens whose faith seems a little blurry, Clear will help put it into focus. The interactive exercises in this book will help students develop . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780310617884
Price: $9.99