In Transit

A Youth Worker's Guide to Navigating a New Beginning

Produced by: Barefoot Ministries
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About This Product Today's youth ministry world is one of excitement, depth, life change, and God–sized movement. Youth workers everywhere are gaining more and more momentum as they reach out to the students in their towns and cities. One trend continues to grow for youth workers: transition.

Every youth worker goes through some sort of transition in his or her career. In Transit's goal is to equip the youth worker with a quality tool to help make that change effectively. Whether transitioning from one youth ministry context to another, from a college or seminary to a career in youth ministry, or waiting for the arrival of a new youth pastor, In Transit can help make the transition as valuable and momentum building as possible.

In Transit is divided into four sections that walk through the timeline of transition for a youth worker: Part 1 focuses on the new call a youth pastor may be wrestling with; part 2 focuses on saying goodbye to the former church and hello to the new opportunity; part 3 looks at the days just after the arrival at the new church; and part 4 concludes with a glimpse into the future.

In Transit will guide you to a better understanding and practice when transitioning from one ministry to another. Topics: Pastoral Resources, Pastoral Transistion, Youth, Youth Ministry